CDTAR Documentation

How to use

I  can't stand having to do everything from command line and thats why I created this backup program. I also don't have enough money to buy an expensive tape drive and the expensive software to go with it.  This program started out from some bash scripts I was using to span my backups across CDs. I suspect that other cdwriter software in linux will begin to span CDs at some point, but none do yet. In Windows, Roxio just started supporting spanning of CDs. If you don't like the program don't just let it go, let me know what I can do to make it better.

If you would like to help with the program that would be helpful. Development is done in TCL/TK using Visual TCL. The program is dependend on the CD writer having been already settup in GNU/Linux. It would be nice to have a routine that find the mount point and scsi id automatically.


How to use:
First time setup
  • go to the Settings Tab
  • change the device Writer Entry to your writer. (use "Find Writer" button)
  • change the device mount point of your writer. (use "Show Device Names")
  • click Apply.
  • go to the Backup Tab
  • on Include choose directories and files
  • on Exclude choose directories and files
  • click Backup when you are finshed.
  • go to the Backup Tab
  • click Compare
  • go to the Restore Tab
  • click Add *.* to restore all files to /tmp or where you want.
  • or
  • click Retrieve Catalog (follow prompts)
  • click Import Catalog (when system has completed retrieval from each CD)
  • from catalog select files and click Add
  • review the Selected tab and remove any undesired files.
  • click Restore.